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tv   ABC2 News at 630PM  ABC  August 23, 2009 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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10,000 people have been forced out of their homes. 10 homes have been destroyed. 6 big ones are still burning right now. the cash for clunkers program is almost out of gas but, now, you could get some federal dollars for your old dishwasher. we'll explain. plus the local little league team gets ready for a big tournament. we'll introduce you to the middle river cyclones. and wyatt everhart is going to have his full forecast when we come back.
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baltimore's most accurate weather forecast. only on abc 2. time is running out to take
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advantage of the cash for clunkers program. the federal government is ending the program as of tomorrow night at 8:00 and, now, the government is gearing up to pay you for getting rid of some of the older appliances in your home. mary snow has more. >> reporter: out, car clunkers. in, the potential for some cash for retiring that refrigerator or so federal dollars for that dishwasher. it will encourage people to get rid of older appliances and replace them with ones like this that are more efficient. kennedy nanny who saw business drop 10% is hoping it will spur sales. >> you feel like you need happen? >> badly. real help. >> the department of energy is working with states to dole out $300 million and details are still being worked out. it's estimated rebates could range between 50 and $200 per appliance. states are being encouraged to build in a recycling program.
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but bob bark a ovechkin of consumer consumer reports refrigerators dishwashers and washing machines are the biggest energy rebates. to get a rebate it would have to have an energy star seal. >> you are looking at something that should be using as much as 10 to 25% or so less energy than the maximum allowed for that particular category. >> he says on the plus side energy bills are cut. but he adds there could be draw backs. take dishwashers. >> as much as energy efficiency is important don't put it above actual washing performance. that's still going to be all the more important. you don't want dirty dishes. >> with $300 million being divvied up states like new york expect roughly $19 million. but the state's energy department thinks it will help. >> if you're able to give them 100, $200 back, it help them choose whether to purchase or not purchase. >> reporter: but compared to the $2 billion for the cash for
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clunkers, some people are sceptical this will help. >> it's not going to be that helpful. >> the department of energy says all 50 dates have applied for that program. it is expected to begin this fall. and i would assume that it includes air conditioners as well. >> yeah. well i would hope. >> yeah. we still need those, you know how it goes. we'ring the going to get a little break cristian. the humidity out there is going to drop a little bit tomorrow. we're a couple degrees cooler to kick off the week and of course for some it's back to school monday. >> yeah it is. >> i remember those days. i don't really miss them but we have some good weather. >> try to stay cool. >> you wear the shades too. take a look at that. >> yeah. didn't workout. you remember those ones you could flip. you remember those ones in the ones you flip in your pocket. right now we have got gorgeous sunday evening in progress, down at the inner harbor, dragon boats out in force. 83 right now. probably about 85 eye or so in the harbor, humidity at 55%. i want to show you this, we do have one heavy shower, not
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detecting any lightning at the moment. but you see it basically along i95 and just east southeast of, well, really due south of bel air, due east of towson, just zooming in a little bit on maryland's most powerful radar. this particular shower is all rehave out there. headed out for the bay so not really expecting too much in the way of difficulty. but if you live east of i-95 in that direction watch out for a heavy shower there. got to show you this. if you look closely you can see some of those waves coming in. still pretty big. 83 on the beach right now. pretty big waves rolling in right now, surf is up as they say at the beach but those waves dying down right now for bill. at one point swells coming in between 6 to 8 feet coming up on the beach. at sea we had 12 to 13-foot swells at this time yesterday but that has been dropping off as bill heads way up into the
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atlantic maritimes. old record up around 100 degrees, did not get there today, nowhere close. thank goodness. low temperatures this morning. you see over on the shore 77 for ocean city, low 70s was the deal. cooler air trying to make its way in. you can see it out off to our west. there is some cooler, drier air but a front tal boundary across the eastern shore. it's not pushing in well. number 1 more sunshine, number 2, it will be cooler, a little less humid. temperatures out there right now are in the low to mid-80s, still going to be a nice sunny night for you, that one shower about it. it's a mostly dry night, just a couple of isolated showers, you see that particular thunderstorm, again flaring up as it makes its way really up along the upper waters of the excess a peek. again this headed away from the city tonight so you can plan on that. take a look as we go out a little wider here, you'll see just offshore if you look closely here that sort of spiral thing, that's bill.
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still a category 1 hurricane, weakening, expected to become a tropical system tomorrow. huge waves and the tropical storm force winds expected tonight in eastern candidate towards halifax, newfoundland, some nice sunshine tomorrow, and the first couple of days of the week. in the forecast clearing and staying nice and clear tonight. 67 or so, partly cloudy, isolated shower, but nice blue skies tomorrow with sunshine, slightly milder day on tap. the outlook, it stays mild for just about 24 hours. then we heat it up towards wednesday, 92, drop off temperatures with some thunderstorms around the end of the week. so a little bit of everything here. >> okay. thanks wyatt. it's a big week for some kids from eastern baltimore county. playing in the cal ripken baseball tournament. abc 2 news photo journalist tom wine co-op caught up with the middle river cyclones at
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practice today. >> everywhere we go. >> people want to know. ♪. ♪ people want to know . ♪ who we are . ♪ who we are . ♪ so we tell them . ♪ so we tell them . ♪ we are middle river . ♪ mighty mighty middle river ♪ >> it's wonderful. they have been working really hard, practicing a lot, working hard on every game. they deserve to go there, they really did. >> a lot of people were giving out 5s and ones but there was a couple people giving out 20s. >> our goal is just to prove that we're better than most
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teams and we denver to be there but we don't have a lot of money to get there. >> startd t ball about six years ago and pretty much coached all these kids for 6 or 7 years and this year we wanted to do something different with our travel team, give them an opportunity to play in one tv cal ripken academy tournaments so since february we have been raising about $13,000. taking a u-13 team next weekend and we have two games on the new yankee stadium. >> the way our funds have been throughout the years we didn't have much money and this year it was crazy. my dad has hayesed so much money that i'm glad we can do this. >> it's going to be hard. >> for a lot of these kids it's going to be their major league, you know, playing on there,
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walking on these fields, and i'm just excited for them. i don't know if i'm going to be more excited to see their faces or they are going to be more excited so it's going to be a great time. >> tough to follow that. but if it feels like it has been forever since the orioles won a series it is because they haven't in a really long time. the o's had their chance to win their first series since the all-star break. they get to mark buehrle right away. top 1 adam jones snaps an 0-13 slump. roberts scores jones who leaves with a bad back. it was 1-0 birds. the sox tie it up in the bottom half. governor dan beckham with a ground earn. melvin mora throws it into the dugout. two oriole errors to start the bottom half, the sox would tie this one up at one.
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top of 3 the 0s you up one now. rye mel's 2th home run of the season make it 4-1. fee hicks be yay who came in replace joins ends up being for the best. he hits a bomb solo shot to right. his fourth of the year. had a pair of r.b.i.s in the game. 5-1 birds. bottom 5 though chicago the-out rally off jason burke et. scott podsednik, brent middle bridge who walked and stole a base to add another made it 5- 3. but he had lost 11 of his last 12 decisions gets jim thome on the high strike. goes giving up just two earned. turns it over to the bullpen which has been awesome. cam mca lie i don't with 96 miles per hour heat blows away pod some nick, he went a perfect inning anna third. then danys baez comes on in the eighth, he was fantastic, gets
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alex rios, one of two strikeouts in just an inning of work for baez. and then jim johnson, far from perfect. gives up one run, has the tying run on second, gets out of it. gets mark kotsay for the final out. the o's hold onto win 5-4. it's offer to minnesota for three with the twins starting tomorrow. in tampa today, rays and rangers in a wildcard chase, texas getting the bounce as top four pudge rodriguez, wick hop over evan longoria's glove. 3-0 rangers. ben zoner hits the grounder to first, hank blalock, converted thirst baseman, scott feldman for the out. tampa showing some leather. an true jones, carl crawford diving grab. but the rangers were just too good today. willie i bar off feldman's glove. runs it down, gets the out. the rangers win 4-0, they are
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just a game and a half behind boston, the wildcard for the red sox tonight. nets and phillies, sums up the season for new york. mets down 9-7, runners on the move, jeff francoeur lines into a game-ending unassisted triple play. the 15th triple play all-time, just the second ever to end a game, phils win 9-7. the mets are 10 games under .500. >> well the ravens broke training camp today, they will be back in their owings mills facility to resume practices next week. that's after tomorrow night's preseason game against rex rhyme and the jets. the ravens won their preseason opener against the redskins last week but did not look terribly impressive. ray rice has had an outstanding camp though and looks to settlement his starting position at running back. regular season or not he always looks forward to hitting the field. nba is football you know. you get out there and see another color and don't get excited i don't think you
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should be playing the sport. i'm excited just to get out there again, football is the greatest time of the year, everybody will be watching no matter if it's preseason or super bowl, everybody is watching. >> yeah, just a whack to the end of the game during the preseason. ken cameron, he thinks joe plaque oh is more thane equipment to make that happen. >> i want to see some placements inside the numbers, up the field, sideline to sideline, and that's what we're gonna try to do this preseason. we need to first improve our offense, we have got to throw the football better. and obviously it starts with the gash. >> an 8:00 kickoff, monday night football at m & t bank stadium. game will be seen on s and t stadium. major league lacrosse crowns a technician. we have got highlights from annapolis next. qualifies to be recycled, ur clunker you can get a $3500 or $4500 government rebate.
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and just announced! if you qualify for the clunker rebate, you may also qualify for 0% apr for 72 months. that means you can buy a '09 malibu for $271 a month after a $3500 government rebate and no down payment. go to for details.
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>> jessie schwartz man for toronto, against denver in lacrosse. john grant jr. in the first quarter. what an awesome goal, backing in his man and puts it over his shoulder. toronto up 2-1. under a minute to go in the game, tied at 9, bang bang play, shawne williams finishes, toronto goes on to win 10-9 to win their first mll title. well they call bristol the world's fastest half mile as cristian likes to say, it's like racing in a coffee cup. racing in a coffee cup. a short mile, a short track racing last night in nascar. it was interesting. 62 laps to go. caution with multiple cars involved. kevin harvick, kyle bush, trent edwards, they all go down. lots of cautions in the last couple of laps of this race. 9 laps to go, blown tire by michael ral trip, he goes into
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the wall. a couple of other cars go up and in. still not done. third party restart five laps to go, kyle bush takes off, passes mark martin who had a fantastic car, goes on to take the checkered flag, kyle bush who is trying desperately to get into the chase for the championship goes on to win if bristol. so here are your updated standings. tony stewart your leader by 220 points, curt bush rounding out the top 6, that race for the 12th and final spot, matt kenseth holding on for dear life with just two races to go before the championship. that's your sports. we'll have the news right after this.
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a dull metal clanking sound. bear groans. ♪ ominous music ferocious growling. roaaaaaarrrrrrr!!!! ♪ whistling bluegrass tune
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abc 2 news is brought to you by first mariner bank. we built this building for you. >> thanks for watching. we'll be back at 11:00. cash for clunkers is available at your chevy dealer. with more eligible models to choose from than anyone. if your clunker qualifies to be recycled, you can get a $3500 or $4500 government rebate. and just announced! if you qualify for the clunker rebate, you may also qualify for 0% apr for 72 months. that means you can buy this silverado half-ton for $228 a month after a $3500 government rebate and no down payment.
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